Taylor Swift Praises BFF Selena Gomez’s ‘Lose You To Love Me’ Branding New Track ‘Perfect’

24 October 2019, 14:47

Selena Gomez received words of praise from Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez received words of praise from Taylor Swift. Picture: Getty/Instagram

'Lover' star Taylor Swift has been sharing the love for her bestie, Selena Gomez, after she dropped her new song ‘Lose You To Love Me’ that's all about the heartbreak she experienced splitting from Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift has taken to social media to praise her close friend, Selena Gomez on her emotional new track ‘Lose You To Love Me’ branding it a ‘triumph’.

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The ‘Lover’ hitmaker took to Instagram to share the love for her BFF’s new music to her 122 million followers, a song which sees 27-year-old open up about her split from Justin Bieber and his subsequent relationship with Hailey Baldwin.

Tay wrote: “This song is a perfect expression of healing & my absolute favorite song she’s put out yet.

“A triumph. I love you @selenagomez.”

Taylor Swift showing love to her BFF Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift showing love to her BFF Selena Gomez. Picture: Instagram

With the 29-year-old being the queen of break-up songs, it’s no surprise she’s a fan of her bestie’s latest work.

The new record has been admired by fans after they shared their thoughts on the love ballad, branding Sel ‘brave’.

Some of the lyrics that pointed at her heartache following her split from the ‘What Do You Mean’ singer, say: “I gave my all and they all know it/ You turned me down and now it’s showing/In two months, you replaced us/ Like it was easy.”

“You promised the world and I fell for it/I put you first and you adored it/Set fires to my forest/And you let it burn.”

Selenators jumped on social media to draw comparisons to her ex-boyfriend, calling him out for rekindling his romance with Hailey Baldwin in just two months.

The pair recently got married, meaning it was the perfect time for Selena to make her music comeback and inflict self-love on her fans in the new record.

One tweet read: “The power of a woman who takes her life back… Brave young woman. I really love this. #RealLife.”

We are so excited (and emotional) to hear more from Sel!

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