Find Out ALL You Need To Know About Taylor Swift's "Crucial" Role In The Giver

10 July 2014, 10:54 | Updated: 10 July 2014, 10:56

The US superstar has a small but BIG role in the film... according to the writer herself!

Taylor Swift's Hollywood debut is JUST around the corner… and apparently her new role is "crucial" to the film!

The '22' superstar plays a supporting role in new sci-fi drama The Giver, out in cinemas this August, and the book's writer says her scene in the movie is VERY important.

"The role in the movie is still a small role, but it's a crucial and very important one," book writer Lois Lowry revealed to MTV News this week. "I showed it to [my grandsons], I asked them was there anything special that they liked best and one of them selected the scene with Taylor Swift.

"Because the elects of that particular scene he found very gripping," she explained. "So her role in the movie is much the same in the book, except in the book she's only remembered, and in the movie you can see the memory of her. "And it's very compelling."

Taylor has some seriously big names to rub shoulders with in the post-apocalyptic young adult novel adaptation… including the likes of Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep! Not too shabby Ms. Swift!

If you want to catch The Giver, it drops in cinemas from 15th August this year. Mark your calendars, #Swifties!

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