Taylor Swift Shares Rehearsal Snap For Grammys 2014 As Fans Speculate On Song Choice

24 January 2014, 09:58 | Updated: 24 January 2014, 09:59

Taylor Swift wearing shorts

The 'Red' singer teases fans that she might perform one of their favourite songs at the awards show.

Taylor Swift has shared a snap of her rehearsals for the Grammy Awards 2014 this weekend as well as asking fans which song they want her to perform.

The '22' singer is set to give a live performance at the prestigious awards show on Sunday (26th January), as well as being nominated for four gongs in total.

Taylor tweeted this week to reveal she is already rehousing for Sunday's event, as well as teasing which track she will perform on the night.

"Today at rehearsals for @Grammys." Taylor tweeted. "I'm trying to remember… What was the song a lot of you were saying you wanted me to perform on the #Grammys?"

Fans have since been speculation about which song Taylor might perform at the event, with many suggesting she will sing 'All Too Well'.

The Grammy Awards 2014 takes place this Sunday 26th January with performances also expected from Daft Punk, Katy Perry and Lorde.