10 'Blank Space' GIFs That Prove You Shouldn't Mess With Taylor Swift

11 November 2014, 13:38 | Updated: 11 November 2014, 15:31

Has Taylor Swift just delivered the best music video of 2014? HELL YES SHE HAS.

As if you needed anymore confirmation, 2014 has just become the year of Taylor Swift. While we were still awkwardly dancing away to 'Shake It Off', Taylor decided to grace us with her new music video for 'Blank Space', the second single from '1989'. 

In a nutshell, IT WAS NOT WHAT WE WERE EXPECTING. Mainly because we are now equal parts in love and in fear of Miss. Swift. But in case anyone ever thinks it's a good idea to cross her, here's 10 helpful reminders to just not. 

1. She'll make some... re-adjustments to your wardrobe

Only Regina George can pull off the whole 'cut out boob' thing. You cannot. 

2. There will probably be a knife in your desserts. For the rest of your life. 

Do you really think Taylor will let you continue to enjoy cake after crossing her? Uh-uh honey. 

3. You'll probably need to invest in a waterproof phone

Enjoy having to re-start the Kim Kardashian game on the E list, loser.

4. Even your cat will be shunned once you upset Taylor

Prepare for some serious resentment, because with Taylor as an enemy, Meredith and Olivia Benson will be adding you AND your pet to their Burn Book. 

5. Flowers will no longer be your friend

You may need to start wearing a helmet 24/7, just to be safe. 

6. That favourite 5SOS poster of yours will meet an untimely end 


7. Taylor might take up a bit of light gardening at your home

You don't deserve nice trees anymore. Don't pretend that you do. 

8. Things may escalate slightly...

Taylor's a biter. Good to know. 

9. And you may get so scared you can't eat 

Or you might just think she's poisoned all of your snacks. 

10. But mainly, her death stare may actually make you turn to stone


So yeah, it's probably best you remember all this next time you try and sass the Swift. 

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