Taylor Swift’s Mum Andrea And Dad Scott – Meet The 'Lover' Singer's Family Who Are Famous In Their Own Right

4 February 2020, 15:32

Taylor Swift is very close to both of her parents
Taylor Swift is very close to both of her parents. Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift gives a candid glimpse at her family life in her new Miss Americana documentary.

Taylor Swift has long made it clear she’s incredibly close to her mum, Andrea Swift, as well as her dad, Scott, and her parents are both very involved in the decision making within her team.

They also both make frequent appearances in the ‘Lover’ singer’s new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, when the superstar is persuading her team to permit her to break her silence on her political views.

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Taylor’s family re-located to Nashville to support their daughter’s success, selling their family-run Christmas Tree farm so a then-teenage Tay Tay could pursue her talents.

Here’s what we know about Taylor’s family and what they do…

Andrea Swift

Taylor Swift is closest to her mum Andrea
Taylor Swift is closest to her mum Andrea. Picture: Netflix

From Netflix documentary Miss Americana, new-found Swifties discovered just how close Taylor is to her legendary mother, with the singer calling her her “favourite person in the world” in one heartwarming scene.

Andrea has her own fan base amongst Taylor's fandom, and Swifties are always excited to spot her mum in the crowd at every one of the 30-year-old’s concerts.

Taylor’s mum was formerly a marketing manager at an advertising agency, helping set up the then-rising star's website and MySpace page when her daughter was first signed to Big Machine Records, run by Scott Borchetta.

Rick Barker, the star’s manager at the time told Entertainment Weekly: "The mom and dad both have great marketing minds. I don't want to say fake it until you make it, but when you looked at her stuff, it was very professional even before she got her deal.”

Taylor Swift's mum can often be spotted in the crowd at her concerts
Taylor Swift's mum can often be spotted in the crowd at her concerts. Picture: Getty

Meanwhile, Taylor has always praised her mum for raising her to be “logical and practical”.

In 2015, Taylor shared the devastating news her mum was diagnosed with cancer and last year they sadly discovered she also had a brain tumour. The family address Andrea’s health in Miss Americana, as they discuss the huge dog Andrea got after discovering she had cancer.

Speaking in the Netflix film about her mum’s health battles, Taylor said: “It woke me up from this life where I used to sweat all these things. But do you really care if the Internet doesn’t like you today if your mom’s sick from her chemo?”

As a result, Taylor is ensuring her tour dates throughout 2020 don’t stray too far from home for long periods of time.

Scott Kingsley Swift

Taylor Swift with her dad Scott
Taylor Swift with her dad Scott. Picture: Getty

Taylor is just as close with her father, Scott, describing him to Rolling Stone as “just a big teddy bear who tells me everything I do is perfect.”

She added: “Business-wise, he’s brilliant.”

Scott worked as an investment banker and now plays an important role in her working team around her.

Speaking to University of Delaware’s UDaily in 2009, Scott said: “She was always singing music when she was 3, 5, 6, 7 years old.”

Taylor’s parents – who were gifted a $1.4million (£1.2million) house in Nashville by their daughter when she was 21 – described being involved in their daughter’s career as, “just like soccer practice”.

Austin Swift

Austin, 27, has carved out a career as an actor, starring in the likes of I.T. alongside Piers Brosnan and Live By Night.

He and Taylor are thought to share a close relationship, and they occasionally appear on each other’s social media profiles where they make their strong bond clear.

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