Take That: The Flood

Take That have released the track listing for their new album 'Progress'.

First up is their new single The Flood - you can see the video for Robbie's return below.

1. The Flood
2. S.O.S.
3. Wait
4. Kidz
5. Pretty Things
6. Happy Now
7. Underground Machine
8. What Do You Want From Me?
9.  Affirmation
10. Eight Letters


Take That have revealed they were considering renaming themselves for their comeback.

The name they had in mind...'The English'

Yes, they really did toy with the idea of launching their return a new brand name. What do you think of it.

Meanwhile the lads have been stripping for the cover of their new album 'Progress', which is out next month.

They've been mimicing the the famous 'ascent of man' image which is usually used to show man's progress from primate over the course of several million years. Top photographer Nadav Kander - who has photographed US president Barack Obama - created the shot.

The video for Take That's 'The Flood' is here for you to watch.

The single is the boys first with Robbie back in the fold. The video was filmed on Dorney Lake in Berkshire, which will play host to the rowing events at the 2012 Olympics.

The old-fashioned rowing kits included a custom-designed Take That crest.

The band have been posting some behind the scenes pictures of themselves on Twitter.

Take That


And here are the guys at a photoshoot.

Take That


See some great photos from the video shoot


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