Rich & Kat catch up with Taio Cruz

It was a tricky call. Taio was flying across the US last night, but Rich & Kat managed to get him on the phone while he was making a connection in Phoenix to have a chat.

So often the US leads the way. But while we've got Ke$ha and Lady Gaga making waves over here, some of our favourite artists are doing really well over there. The latest UK star to make it to the top in the US is our very own Taio Cruz. He's remixed 'Break Your Heart' and included a new rap with Ludacris and it's gone straight to the top of the Billboard chart.

Rich & Kat find out about life in the US, and what exactly do you do to celebrate getting to number one in the US? In Taio case, he just kept on writing another track! Plus what is it like to work in the studio with Ke$ha, the party animal? Taio spills the beans, listen to the clip:

Rich & Kat chat to Taio Cruz