Sugababes 'Greatest Hits' album

Looks like the Sugababes have a new album coming out next month.

A number of online shops have got February 28th ear-marked as the date for the release of 'Push the Button' a greatest hits collection.

The band, which has been through a number of line up changes, released a singles collection, Overloaded in 2006 which went platinum.

The girls are currently working on their next album which will be a follow up to Sweet 7 which was out last year.

Singer Jade Ewen insists there will be no line up change in 2011. Jade joined the group in 2009 when founding member Keisha Buchanan left.

Jade said: "The girls must be pretty tired now because it's the fourth line-up change. Our management joked with us if this doesn't work we'll have to call it quits."