Shawn Mendes Apologises For Accidentally Liking Transphobic Tweet

5 February 2019, 12:35

Shawn Mendes has apologised for liking the tweet.
Shawn Mendes has apologised for liking the tweet. Picture: instagram

Shawn Mendes has apologised to fans for accidentally liking a transphobic tweet.

Shawn Mendes accidentally liked a transphobic tweet and sent Twitter into meltdown on Monday night.

Shawn is pretty active on social media and often shares updates with his fans who hang on his every word, so his activity didn’t go unnoticed.

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The 'In My Blood' singer, who recently opened up about how nervous he is to perform at the Grammys, swiftly unliked the post and apologised for causing offence.

Taking to Twitter, he said: “Must of accidentally liked it scrolling down a feed, you know me & I’d never. Sorry.”

He added: “Love u.”

Fans were quick to forgive their idol, with one writing: “You don’t have to apologize for something you know you didn’t mean to do just cause somebody has to be so hasty about it.

“It’s so sad some people take advantage of people’s kindness and taken for granted. I’m so sorry we love you Shawn so much even your mistakes.”

Another added: “Thank you for unliking it and making sure you apologized for it! We know you & we’re more than happy that you explained yourself! Love you.”