WATCH: This Shawn Mendes Trend Sees Fans Flicking Him In 'Stitches' Music Video

30 April 2019, 14:03

Shawn Mendes' Army have started flicking their screens when playing the 'Stitches' music video, in this weird viral trend.

Recently, several videos have been uploaded to the likes of TikTok and YouTube showing Shawn Mendes' fans seemingly flick him when watching 'Stitches'.

Many of Shawn's Army have shared the moment where the singer is being pushed over by an invisible force, and pretended to be flicking him themselves.

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The 'Treat You Better' singer is yet to comment on the trend, but many of his followers are getting involved with the trend.

Shawn Mendes' fans are sharing a viral trend with his 'Stitches' video
Shawn Mendes' fans are sharing a viral trend with his 'Stitches' video. Picture: Getty

Meanwhile, Shawn Mendes has been touring around the world, and caught up with Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp before his performance at London's The O2.

Shawn took it upon himself to challenge Justin Bieber, after the 'Sorry' star dared him to a game of ice-hockey, over the title of Prince of Pop.

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