Shawn Mendes Talking About How Much He Loves Emma Watson Has Made Us Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

26 June 2019, 15:16

Shawn Mendes has a huge crush on Emma Watson
Shawn Mendes has a huge crush on Emma Watson. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes is crushing on Emma Watson almost as much as we’re crushing on him.

Shawn Mendes gets very honest with his fans when he hosts the Q&As before his concerts, and in the latest session he revealed the celebrity he’s been crushing on for years.

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When quizzed by his fans on the star he fancies, Shawn said: “I really just do love Emma Watson still and I’d tell her that. When I met her I was really embarrassed”.

Way back in 2016 Shawn confessed his love to the Harry Potter actress, tweeting the actress: “Okay. Here it is. I love you”, so the recent video of the pop star spilling his feelings again melted fans’ hearts.

“He has taste,” one fan replied, as another said: “He went from, ‘don’t tell her that’ to ‘I’ll tell her that’.”

Meanwhile, a third fan called him out on the fact he doesn’t follow Emma on social media, writing: “Still, he doesn’t follow her on Instagram… COME ON SHAWN.”

Shawn has previously discussed his love for Emma Watson in an interview with E! News, saying he would do anything to meet her in person, and years later when he did he described it as one of the most starstruck moments of his life.

Shawn Mendes tweeted his love for Emma Watson back in 2016
Shawn Mendes tweeted his love for Emma Watson back in 2016. Picture: Twitter

While chatting to James Corden on the Late Late Show he revealed just how much he’s obsessed with Harry Potter.

“On a scale of 10 being crazed superfan, and 0 being hate it, never seen it, where are you?” Corden asked.

Shawn responded: “I’m a 9.5. I have a whole book at home that I wrote all the spells in and stuff. [I love] just the magic, and the weird candies that make you turn into a lion and stuff.”

We think Shawn's superfan status has made us love him even more than we thought it was possible.

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