WATCH: This Girl Crying To Selena Gomez Will Give You ALL Of The Feels! <3

Selena Gomez Crying Girl

You will get watery-eyed. You will probably sob uncontrollably. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Look at a family portrait - we're willing to wager a whole loada money that at least one of your grandparents has and/or will humiliate you in front of everyone at one point.

Well, the world would be a lot better if everyone's nans were like Lorraine Ruiz, who shared a video of her granddaughter at a Selena Gomez concert.

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During Selena's moving rendition of 'Who Says', the ten year old can be seen sobbing along, and the end result is just too damn adorable.

Lorraine posted this video to Twitter, saying "My beautiful granddaughter loves Selena Gomez she made me cry every time I see it" and - well, great! Now we're crying too!

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