Rita Ora & Zayn Malik Have Gone For Dinner Together – So Are They Dating After All?!

11 September 2015, 11:45 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 10:18

She may have denied anything romantic could happen between them, but Rita and Zayn have been enjoying some late night dinner together…

Got something to tell us, guys?! Rita Ora and Zayn Malik have been snapped together having a rather cosy late night dinner…

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She may have denied that anything romantic could ever happen between them, but Rita and Zayn have been spending some late nights together in Los Angeles.

The pair were spotted getting into a car together after having dinner at Japanese restaurant KOI in West Hollywood after arriving at the restaurant separately around 9pm.

They were only in the place for less than an hour before leaving alongside the restaurant manager and driving off towards Beverly Hills. (Not with the restaurant manager, that would be a whole new level of weird…)

When Rita spoke to Capital’s Max, she revealed that she couldn’t see herself being any more than just friends with the former One Direction star. She said, “Zayn, he's gorgeous, but, I just... That can't happen. We're on the same management team, too close to that. But no, he's great.” 

Although we’d LOVE to see the two of them make up pretty much the hottest couple in pop, if that’s not happening we’d be VERY happy with a collab too.

The pair are both signed to the same management so it COULD make it rather easy for them to work together. A source at the restaurant also told the Daily Mail that they were joined by other music artists and management, explaining, “They were both at a dinner organised by a member of their management team. There was a group of artists and staff from Turn First at the get together. There is nothing going on between Rita and Zayn.”

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