WATCH: Rita Ora Turns Internet Clickbait Favourites Into The ULTIMATE Pop Anthem

9 September 2015, 10:03

The Clickbait Song by Rita Ora


The UK singer takes on Jimmy Kimmel's ultimate Internet challenge.

Rita Ora stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show this week and gave an *ahem* interesting musical performance… turning Internet click-bait favourites into the ULTIMATE ‘click this link’ anthem!

Rita Ora Gets Her 'Gold Digger' On And NAILS Kanye In Instaoke

The ‘Radioactive’ star was challenged by the US chat-show host to turn all of THOSE headlines (yep - you’ll recognise pretty much all of them!) into a unique song.

Rita Ora Would "Mash It Up" With Justin Bieber & Chris Brown, But LEAVE Zayn Malik!

Expect to see everything from “this one strange trick can reduce cellulite” to “You must see monkeys twerking!”… they’re ALL in there, and Rita sounds like a pro as usual.

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