Rita Ora On Dating Calvin Harris In The Public Eye: "It's Always A Bit Difficult"

21 June 2013, 13:05

The "Radioactive' singer also says she is a big fan of Calvin's music as well.

Rita Ora says she is a "big fan" of boyfriend Calvin Harris' music and has opened up about the challenges the couple face having a romance in the public eye.

The 'R.I.P.' singer says it is "always a bit difficult" being pictured out in public with someone you're dating, but says they try to handle it as best as they can.

"Thank you, well I am a huge Calvin fan, but you know I'm also a fan of a lot of other things as well as his music," Rita revealed to MTV News this week.

The 'Party & BS (How We Do)' star also opened up about the constant press attention the couple have faced since going public with their romance just over a month ago.

"It's always a bit difficult," Rita admits. "There isn't really a clear answer when you have somebody that you really like and people take pictures of you liking that person.

"It's a bit of a weird scenario but I always just ignore them," she explained. "But it depends on where you choose to go as a couple, what you choose to do and how private you really want things to be.

"We are in a great position right now with the Internet to put out what we want to put out and go with the flow, it's OK," Rita added.

Check out a picture of Rita and Calvin out together in Los Angeles this week below (Credit: Splash):

Rita and Calvin had a brief reunion out in Los Angeles at the start of this week before the 'Radioactive' star had to return to the UK for a number of commitments.

Rita Ora has since returned to Los Angeles as she and Calvin were spotted out shopping together this week.