One Fan Achieved Her Goal To Walk From Her Wheelchair To Meet Rita Ora

17 May 2018, 06:47

Rita Ora Fan Asset

Just when you thought you couldn't love Rita Ora anymore, this happens...

Rita Ora is an absolute icon. She's released an incredible album; collaborated with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Sigma, and Liam Payne; and appeared in several box office movies.

But now we have so much respect for the singer.

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While the 'Anywhere' singer was touring Manchester, Layla, a fan, managed to meet Rita - thanks to her team. But in 2013, Layla promised Rita that should would walk up to her, after being in a wheelchair.

Sharing a photo of the pair, Layla wrote "I took 6 steps and gave her the biggest hug I had in me.

"After imagining that moment during rehabilitation and pushing through, I can't believe it's finally come true," continued Layla. She then went on to thank Rita for changing her life.

Rita then went on to share the photo and said "I’ll never forget it, and yes we are growing together. See you on the next one baby girl."

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It's official; Rita might just be one of the nicest souls on the planet.