'The Audacity!': Rihanna's Fans Joke They Won't Be Able To Pay Their Rent If They Buy Her New £120 Book

8 October 2019, 12:00

Rihanna is releasing a new visual book.
Rihanna is releasing a new visual book. Picture: Instagram/Getty

Rihanna has announced her new visual book album, which is available in four different editions, and fans are shocked at the prices.

Rihanna is dropping a new visual autobiography book, which contains over 1,000 ‘intimate’ photos of the 31-year-old singer, and has four available versions, ranging from $150 to a staggering $111,000.

The Bajan singer announced on Instagram that she has collaborated with global publishers, Phaidon, to create her ‘first piece of art in a new industry', revealing it was a five-year long process.

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The description of the visual album reads: “The first book by Rihanna is an exclusive, inside look into her world.‘Rihanna,’ a stunning visual narrative from the international cultural icon is to be published by Phaidon.

“From her childhood in Barbados to her worldwide tours, from quintessential fashion moments to private time with friends and family, the book showcases intimate photographs of her life as a musician, performer, designer, and entrepreneur.”

Rih’s Navy was quick to praise the singer’s success, but also jokingly commented about the ‘unbelievable’ cost.

One fan tweeted: “I’m crying at the AUDACITY of Rihanna to sell a book for £5175. Like, she actually wants me to stop paying rent and squat in my own apartment and stave myself just so that I can afford a book. Well, I have no choice!”

“Well I may never ‘own a house’ or ‘be able to give my kids a good education’ but at least I did spend $150 on the pre-order for Rihanna’s new coffee table book #Sound#Financial #Decision,” added another.

The self-titled book starts from $150 (£120), with the least expensive version coming just as a hardback with no accessories. Each version includes 504 pages with 1,050 colour images and 11 special inserts.

However, the next version ‘Rihanna: Fenty x Phaidon’, comes with a custom table-top bookstand and certificate of authenticity, costing $171 (£140).

The ‘Rihanna: Luxury Supreme’ jumps to $5,500 (£5,175) with an even more bespoke custom-made table-top bookstand, plated in an 18-carat gold colour with mirror-finish, topped with a cushioned platform, and is of course signed by queen Ri, herself.

Only the biggest Riri stans were prepared for the costliest version, ‘Rihanna: Ultra Luxury Supreme’ which comes in at a staggering $110,000 (£90,600) and has already sold out of its ten exclusive copies.

Accessorised with a custom marble pedestal, the entirety weighs 907kg.

Having collaborated with The Haas Brothers on the limited edition versions, the ‘Work’ hitmaker gave away one of the ‘Ultra Luxury Supreme’ books at her annual Diamond Ball.

Cardi B was the receiver of the first exclusive visual, after the rapper bid on it, making her one of 10 people in the world to own it.

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