T.I feat. Rihanna - Live Your Life

Every so often someone has the genius idea to sample a really random track.

From Jay Z sampling Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie to Kanye West going all electro by reusing portions of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on his hit, Stronger, rappers are no strangers to this, but T.I's latest track, a collaboration with lady of the moment, Rihanna could well take top prize in a most unusual sample competition.

The 28 year old from Atlanta, Georgia has re-jigged Moldovan pop trio, O-Zone's 2004 hit, Dragostea din Tei, the cheesy Eurodance smash famous for its 'Ma-i-a-hi, Ma-i-a-hu, ma-i-a-ho, ma-i-a-ha ha' chorus. And, while giving a 'ghetto' makeover shouldn't work, somehow it does.

Unsurprisingly, given her chart dominance over the past twelve months, Rihanna is the star of the show and the 'so live your life eh eh eh...' hook is one of the catchiest we've heard all year. Guaranteed to be a challenger for the top spot, it's available to download now and is taken from T.I's new album, Paper Trail, which is released on November 17th.