Rihanna peforming in smelly car parks

Rihanna's revealed that recording parts of her new album Loud was a smelly affair.

The star had to record some of the songs in smelly car parks while she was touring and performing her previous album 'Rated R'.

"We took a studio bus on tour and, after every show, we'd sit in an empty car park until 5am and record," says RiRi

"Then we'd get back on the tour bus and sleep for a few hours. Every afternoon, I had acting classes, every evening - a two hour show, then another recording studio.

"Some of the car parks reeked of p**s. One I'll remember until the day I die. It smelt like truckers had been peeing there for ever. I had to run between buses holding my breath. Awful!"

Mmm....not the glamorous, five-star luxury we come to expect for the top stars!