Raunchy Rihanna under investigation

Rihanna's raunchy routine and Christina Aguilera's suggestive stage-show during the X-Factor final are to be investigated by Ofcom.

The broadcasting watchdog says it has received 2,750 complaints about the pre-watershed scenes.

Rihanna stripped off her gown to parade around the stage in a bikini. Viewers complained the content was in inappropriate for a pre-watershed show.

Christina Aguilera performed the title song from her new movie Burlesque on the talent show which aired between 7pm and 9pm.

In keeping with the Burlesque theme, the US star wore a slinky dress while her dancers wore only stockings, knickers and bras.

A TV insider defended the final, saying that what was broadcast on the series, was no different to what is aired on music TV channels during the day.

So were the performances inappropriate for a family audience? That's what Ofcom must decide.

Last week politicians accused Ofcom of dragging its feet but now we will get a decision.