Rihanna and Colin Farrell: more details

More details have emerged about Rihanna's romance with Colin Farrell.

A source told Now: 'They wre flirting up a storm on 'The Graham Norton Show. Afterwards in the green room, Colin asked if she'd like to go for a cup of tea

'She was in hysterics! It was the sexiest, most heart-meltingly sweet thing a guy's ever asked her to do.

'They went back to her hotel and talked late into the night'.

They added: 'Then he went to the bathroom and when he came back he handed her a folded note and kissed her on the cheek before wishing her good night.

'It read: 'call me: I won't stop thinking about you until you do.'

The couple met again in LA and the source says; 'She's really smitten by his charisma, his old-fashioned manners and sexy Irish accent'.