Rihanna Reveals Male Fragrance Plans And Says She Likes Men Who "Smell Good"

1 May 2012, 08:03 | Updated: 1 May 2012, 08:11

The 'We Found Love' singer is planning to design a men's perfume and believes a man's scent is important.

Rihanna has revealed she will release a fragrance designed specifically for men in the future.

The 'You Da One' star says she is looking forward to working on her next fragrance project, following the success of her first perfume Reb'l Fleur back in January 2011.

"I am making my own male fragrance," Rihanna revealed to Access Hollywood this week. "I want dudes to smell like [when] you wake up, you know that smell.

"[When] their cologne is a little bit old, you spray it on their jackets and take it with you just to keep them there," the 'We Found Love' singer explained. "It smells cozy and it smells sexy.

Rihanna went on to say that a man's smell is just as important to her as their looks or attitude when she meets them for the first time.

"A guy that smells good," the 24 year-old singer explained, when asked about the type of man she goes for. "If I see you and look good, chances are you won't turn me head. I will look away.

"But if you smell good, I will whip my neck around!" she added.

Yesterday (30th April) Rihanna unveiled the long-awaited music video for her brand new 'Talk That Talk' single 'Where Have You Been'.

Rihanna is also set to feature in the music video for Coldplay's new song 'Princess Of China' later this month.