Rihanna On Katy Perry And Cheryl Cole: "They're So Hot It Should Be Illegal"

18 June 2012, 12:39 | Updated: 18 June 2012, 15:56

The 'We Found Love' singer says men better treat the two stars well or they will have to deal with her.

Rihanna says her fellow pop singers Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole are both so beautiful "it should be illegal", and says any one that ends up with them will be "one lucky guy".

The 'Where Have You Been' singer spoke out about close friend Katy and 'Call My Name' singer Cheryl while in New York City over the weekend, and joked that she might even consider dating one of them herself.

"Any guy that ends up with Katy or Cheryl is going to be one lucky guy," Rihanna told the Daily Star On Sunday's Rehab. "Actually scrap that, not just guys. They are so beautiful they could probably turn any girl to the other team.

"I might even date them myself!" the 'We Found Love' singer laughed. "I know it's a real girl thing to say I have hot friends, but I honestly think I have the hottest friends in the world.

"Katy and Cheryl are just so hot it should be illegal," she continued. "When you get girls that hot they can sometimes really know it, but Katy and Cheryl are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Rihanna added: "Any guy that is with them better treat them right, or they are going to have me to deal with."

View a picture of Rihanna out in New York City last week below (Credit: Splash):

The 'Princess Of China' singer is known to be goods friends with 'Part Of Me' star Katy, while Cheryl is also a big fan of Rihanna herself and says she is hoping to find time to collaborate with her in the future.

Rihanna unveiled a brand new tattoo of a falcon over the weekend, which she has had inked onto her right ankle.