Rihanna Video Shoot Farmer Bombarded With Hate Mail

The farmer who stopped Rihanna from frolicking topless on the set of her latest video 'We Found Love' has revealed that he's been bombarded with hate mail by her fans.

Alan Graham told RiRi to cover up when he caught her filming the clip on his field in Northern Ireland.

And the 'Cheers' singers' fans have been less than complimentary in response, according to The Sun.

"To be honest all this fuss has kept me back a bit," he said. "I've got straw to finish that I haven't been able to harvest yet." 

Despite the hate mail, Graham said he believes the attention will die down soon and he would happily welcome RiRi back to his farm for tea and biscuits.

"I'd love to have her back, she was lovely and gracious when I spoke to her," he added.

"Just as long as I know what she's wearing before the visit." 

Rihanna will kick off her UK tour with Calvin Harris at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday 5th October.