Rihanna Says 'Diamonds' Has Overtaken 'Umbrella' As Her Favourite Single To Date

12 November 2012, 13:17 | Updated: 12 November 2012, 13:51

The 'We Found Love' star says her latest release is a "very powerful song" to sing and listen to.

Rihanna has named 'Diamonds' as her favourite single she has ever released, replacing her previous favourite 'Umbrella' featuring Jay-Z.

The 'Where Have You Been' singer says 'Diamonds' is the sort of song that "just gets you" and admits she can't wait to perform it live on her upcoming tours.

"It used to be 'Umbrella' before 'Diamonds' came along," Rihanna reveal in a live Facebook chat with her fans recently. "It's a really powerful song even to listen to.

"It just gets you, you just get sucked in," the Bajan pop star explained. "Even if you're in the club, it really f**ks with your head.

Check out a picture of Rihanna in her 'Diamonds' music video below:

The 'We Found Love' star has also promised to mix up the setlist for her upcoming '777' tour and next year's 'Diamonds' world your, after wanting to create a more "intimate" setlist for fans coming to see her in concert.

"Actually there are a few songs that we had on the original setlist for the '777' tour but I took some off for that very reason," the 'You Da One' star explained. "Not that I'm sick of performing them, it's just a little more intimate.

"I want it to be more like fan favourites not just the hits," she added.

Rihanna returns with new album 'Unapologetic' on 19th November.