WATCH: RAYE Let Slip That She Once Rejected Eyal From Love Island...

10 July 2018, 08:14

Megan's not the only person to dump the Love Island guru, Eyal Booker. It turns out that singer, RAYE, pied him off years ago.

Remember when Eyal Booker was happily in love with Megan on Love Island? Nah. Us neither. But at least they gave it a good shout before Megan dumped him for someone else.

Eyal seemed to take it in his stride. Maybe because he had practise before with RAYE having already sent him packing?

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RAYE on Capital w/ Roman Kemp and Vick Hope

The 'Friends' singer visited Roman Kemp and Vick Hope to catch about her brand new banger, and - of course - the one televised event everyone's talking about... No, not the World Cup, but Love Island.

It turns out that RAYE once rejected the Islander on an audition to be in the music video for her tune, 'I, U, Us'. Not because they didn't hit it off, but because he was just too damn attractive.

Take it as a compliment. RAYE's never pied us off for being to sexy. *sighs*.

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