'Gangnam Style' Makes It Into Words Of The Year 2012 List

21 December 2012, 09:40 | Updated: 21 December 2012, 10:09

PSY's smash hit single joins other popular terms including "fiscall cliff" and "eurogeddon"

'Gangnam Style' has been named in the 2012 rundown of the words of the year for 2012.

Collins Dictionary selected 12 words which defined each of the months of 2012 and PSY's smash hit took the accolade for November.

Other terms include the "games makers" of the London 2012 Olympics as well as "superstorm" for October following the devastation of hurricane Sandy.

The final list was created after submissions from the public who reflected their biggest stories from the past 12 months.

PSY's video also won Best Music Video at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards and is projected to have netted PSY in the region of $10 million. 

The full list of each of the words and their respective months are as follows:

  • January – "Broga"
  • February – "Legbomb"
  • March – "Eurogeddon"
  • April – "Mummy Porn"
  • May – "Zuckered"
  • June – "Jubilympics"
  • July – "Romneyshambles"
  • August – "Games Makers"
  • September – "47 Per Cent"
  • October – "Superstorm"
  • November – "Gangnam Style"
  • December – "Fiscal Cliff"

Meanwhile, the track is expected to break a billion views on YouTube today (21st December) having recently become the most watched clip on the file sharing site of all time.