Professor Green Says 'Read All About It' Did "Wonders" For His And Emeli Sande's Careers

30 July 2013, 16:22

The 'Are You Getting Enough?' rapper says he feels the song helped him become more credible as an artist.

Professor Green says his team-up with Emeli Sande on 'Read All About It' did "wonders" for their respective music careers, but has joked that he did want the song to "f**k off" after a while.

The 'Remedy' rapper, who recently returned with a brand new single, says the song marked a huge turning point for his career after breakthrough through both commercially and critically.

"That record done us both wonders, to the point where it was almost like, 'Will it just f**k off?'. You know what I mean?" Professor Green joked with Digital Spy this week. "Obviously I don't really feel that way but it was everywhere. Which was wicked.

"I mean it was most obvious when they put on the X Factor screens my achievements, which are still wicked , I'm still prod of all my achievements," he explained. "But you have people on there that have sold 30 million singles. 

Check out a picture of Professor Green and Emeli Sande performing 'Read All About It' together below (Credit: Rex Features):

"For me to be able to have done that was testament to that song, the song connected," the 'At Your Inconvenience' rapper explained. "And that was the reason I was on there, not because of how many records I'd sold, because my records don't compete with their usual guests.

"And I didn't come through The X Factor so they had no reason to have me on there, but they had me on there because they loved the song," he added. "And that was a huge moment for me and Emeli."

The UK rapper recently released his brand new single 'Are You Getting Enough?', which features indie singer Miles Kane.

Professor Green returns with new album 'Growing Up In Public' on 14th October with a new UK tour scheduled for 8th November.