Professor Green Says 'Alive Til I'm Dead' Changed His Life "Overnight"

13 January 2012, 19:40 | Updated: 13 January 2012, 19:51

The 'Never Be A Right Time' rapper also says he feels happier after writing about several personal issues on new album 'At Your Inconvenience.

Professor Green says the past year has been "wicked" and he feels happier after dealing with a lot of personal issues on recent tracks like 'Read All About It' and 'Today I Cried'.

The 'Just Be Good To Green' rapper released his debut album 'Alive Til I'm Dead' in 2010 and claims the record helped change his life for the better.

"It's been wicked for me. With the first album my life changed overnight," Pro. Green told The Mirror yesterday (12th January). "I didn't have a second to myself with all the touring and promotional work.

"With a song like 'Today I Cried', I wasn't complaining about my success I was trying to figure out why I wasn't happy," he also explained. "When I write things down it helps me make sense of it.

Professor Green has been nominated for Best British Male at next month's BRIT Awards 2012 and is due to release new single 'Never Be A Right Time' on 20th January.