Pink - Funhouse

The music scene would be a dull place without Pink.

Never one to shy away from bearing her soul, whether it was criticising the Bush administration on Dear Mr President from 2006's I'm Not Dead or discussing her troubled childhood on Family Portrait from her 2002 effort, M!ssundaztood, it was inevitable that her marriage break-up would end up providing the inspiration for her fifth studio set, Funhouse.

While chart-topping lead single, So What shrugged off the break up with its feisty attitude, the album shows her more vulnerable side, with tracks like I Don't Believe You perhaps more accurately capturing her heartbreak. Also poignant is Please Don't Leave Me, which sees her summarise their fiery relationship by singing, 'You're my perfect little punching bag and I need you'.

It's not all doom and gloom however. Bad Influence is a fun tale of over-indulging on tequila, while Funhouse takes a So What-style approach to her lost love, singing of the couple's former marital home, 'this used to be a funhouse but now it's full of evil clowns, I'm gonna burn it down'.

Funhouse is a strikingly honest album which, while lacking the immediacy of its predecessor, is destined to go down as one of her finest releases to date.