Pharrell Williams Comments On Arrest Of Iranian Students Who Posted 'Happy' Cover

27 May 2014, 11:05 | Updated: 27 May 2014, 11:11

The US star chats exclusively to Max about the recent arrest of six students in Iran who performed his 'Happy' song.

Pharrell Williams spoke exclusively to Capital FM over the weekend about the recent arrest of six Iranian students who posted a cover video of his hit single 'Happy'.

The US singer initially posted on Facebook about the arrests earlier this month after hearing the news, saying he was "beyond sad" by what had happened, and has now opened up further about the situation and his feelings about it.

"I'm a not a super-political person, I'm not an activist," Pharrell explained on Max's show this past Sunday (25th May). "But when I feel something, I feel the need to react.

"I probably don't react like 99% of the time because I do find a lot of comfort in being reserved," he continued. "But that was something where we had to say something.

"Every living, breathing human being reserves their innate liberty to be happy whenever they want.

"The song was only there to remind and suggest that 'Happy' is a perception that is attainable by all," he added. "Those people deserves that. To be happy, that is.

The six students were later released amid a huge Twitter campaign against their arrests.

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