Pharrell Williams On 'Happy' Success: "I Owe My Fans Everything"

12 May 2014, 14:09

Pharrell Williams Notion Magazine

The singer and producer insists the success of 'Happy' wasn't down to him.

Pharrell Williams has opened up about the success of 'Happy', insisting that he owes his fans "everything".

The singer and producer said it was "nice" that the song topped the charts across the globe but believes its success is not down to him. 

"It’s nice to be number 1 but that’s not my doing," he said in an interview with Notion Magazine. "You can get so much more done by giving people respect. 

"The people did this. Everything that I own my fans paid for." 

Williams continued that he doesn't quantify a song's success solely by its chart position, adding: "It’s the way it feels to me and I stay loyal to that. 

"I’m happy that the people can see that I’m staying loyal to that because they don’t have to support me, but they do." 

The star was recently confirmed as a performer at this year's Capital FM Summertime Ball