Pharrell... Best Dancer In Pop? Here's 12 GIFs To Prove It!

29 August 2014, 09:54 | Updated: 29 August 2014, 10:07

Pharrell T In The Park 2014

Check out these amazing GIFS of the 'Happy' superstar showing off some SERIOUS moves on stage.

Pharrell Williams is well known for many things. His incredible singing talents, his amazing productions skills... even his hats!

But there's one thing Pharrell may well be better than ANYONE else at, and that's busting a move on the danecfloor and up on that stage.

The 'Happy' superstar seems to be effortless when he pops his collar and pulls some shapes to show off his body-popping skills, and to celebrate his moves we've pulled together the GREATEST GIFs to prove it! Enjoy...

Anyone who can get the legendary Meryl Streep to bust out some moves deserves EVERY bit of praise they get! #LoveIt


We reckon you're wasted on hip-hop Pharrell... you could have been a ballet dancer with those moves!



T.I.'s putting in a good effort... but no one has moves as slinky as our man


We've heard of air guitar before, but we'd NEVER heard of air-harp until seeing Pharrell rocking out this move...


It may not STRICTLY be a dance move, but watching Pharrell lift up his trademark hat to reveal ANOTHER tiny hat, is possibly the most perfect GIF ever...


The definition of cool... Pharrell strutting his stuff next to Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers, casual as you like! 


Something tells us Jay-Z just made fun of Pharrell's dance moves, because we can 't imagine ANYTHING else getting Mr. Williams so mad!


Not only is Pharrell a megastar dancer in his own right...but he has more backing dancers than we can count! (Also... LOVING the smiley in the background!)


Pharrell and Snoop Dogg let their hands do the dancing... #LazyBoys


Sometimes ALL you need to get into the groove is a little head nod...


Find us a red-blooded human who DOESN'T think Pharrell's dance moves are as sexy as they come... it's IMPOSSIBLE!


 Take a bow Mr. Williams... we salute you and your AMAZING moves!


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