Pharrell Williams Says New Daft Punk Song Could Have Been Sung By David Bowie

15 August 2013, 15:22

The 'Get Lucky' singer says he believes the 'Let's Dance' star would have been a good fit for the track.

Pharrell Williams says he and Daft Punk's new single could have been sung by David Bowie.

The 'Get Lucky' vocalist has teamed up with the French house duo again for their next single 'Lose Yourself To Dance', and says he thinks the Thin White Duke would approve of the new song.

"'Lose Yourself To Dance' makes me feel like walking down the street in the middle of the night in London and it's 1984, 1985," Pharrell explains to Vibe magazine in their latest issue. "I don't hear '70s in that at all. 

"For me, it doesn't sound at all like a Bowie record, but I feel like David Bowie would have loved that record," he mused. "He could actually sing it."

Check out an official press shot of Daft Punk from this year below:

Daft Punk star Thomas Bangalter also revealed what he hopes listeners feel when they hear the song.

"'Lose Yourself To Dance' is almost this idea of a timeless place or dance floor where you can lose yourself," the Daft Punk star explained. "The idea of unity of the dance floor, people being connected."

Daft Punk release new single 'Lose Yourself To Dance' on 25th August.

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