“They’re Good Songs, I’m Lucky”: Harry Styles On Taylor Swift Writing About Them

10 November 2014, 12:15

One Direction talk about song leaks and what Harry thinks about Taylor writing songs about him.

Taylor Swift is well known for dating hot celebrity men, none moreso than a certain Mr Harry Styles from One Direction, so it was no surprise than Hazza would get questioned about her in a recent web chat.

The One Direction boys were being quizzed on their Google Hangout by their video producer Ben Winston, when he asked Harry what he thought of Taylor writing about their brief relationship in her songs.

Harry replied, “We write from personal experience, and I think everyone does, so it would be hypocritical of us to be like, 'Oh you can’t write about us,' And she's really good, so they’re good songs. So I’m really lucky in that sense."

Well, there are worse people who could write a song about you than chart record breaker Swifty!

The band also spoke about their disappointment when their songs get leaked ahead of their release.

Liam Payne explained, “It's two ways, obviously it's something we've worked very hard on... when it leaks it's kind of very anticlimactic for us, but at the same time it's great because [fans] love the stuff you've worked so hard on."

Louis Tomlinson added, “When we've got a plan together...we've got a kind of structure and the way we think it is going to be received best as a fan. When that's taken away from us it is annoying because we put a structure in place and we wanted that to work. But it is what it is.”

Luckily for the 1D lads, their loyal fan base buys their music regardless whether it has been leaked as Harry explained, “We're quite lucky that our fans seem to hear it and when it comes out they buy it anyway, because they want to support us."

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