3/4 Of One Direction Are In LA With Josh Devine… We Sense The ‘History' Video's Coming!

13 January 2016, 09:58

One Direction X Factor 2015

They were MEANT to be taking a break… but it’s all a little bit suspish that the band would be holidaying in the same place together so soon…

One Direction are definitely up to something… three out of the four boys have landed in Los Angeles alongside their drummer, Josh Devine, this week – so what exactly are these sneaky sneaksters up to?!

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Well, normally when you take time off, you don’t go and hang out with your work colleagues some more so we’re PRETTY sure the band are probably cooking up something exciting for the fans before they go on their hiatus properly… the video for ‘History’, perhaps?!

Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have already jetted in to the city and rumour has it that Harry Styles will be arriving pretty soon too – and the fans have already taken over Twitter with speculation of what they may be up to.

Although LA is a pretty massive place, it all seems a little too coincidental that all of the boys and their long-term drummer would be there at the same time… We’re waiting for that video, boys!

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