Harry Styles' 1,983rd Tattoo Is ALL James Corden's Fault!

Tattoo Roulette w/ One Direction


The 1D singer Harry Styles is known for boyfriending EVERY hot girl in Hollywood; for his incredibly long locks and for his INSANE amount of tattoos. And he's just gone and got ONE more!

James Corden has a weird way over his guests on 'The Late Late Show'. He can make them do whatever he wants; whether it's belting their own tunes in his car, or letting them look through their phones at their deepest, darkest texts. But this one takes the biscuit!

> Errr.... MAN CRUSH ALERT! Sounds Like Chris Martin Has Fallen For A One Direction Star!

Tattoos usually happen after you've had a few wonky nights out, but the HUGE boyband One Direction paid James a visit and they played a little game he liked to call 'Tattoo Roulette'. It already sounds scary, doesn't it?! Each of the 1D lads and James Corden had to grab a box that either said 'Safe'... Or it didn't. The loser had to get either 'Late Late' or '1D' PERMANENTLY tattooed on them!

Some of the lads played it cool - they have more ink than a book - but wait until you see how nervous James was! You can understand why, though - it would be pretty awkward for a grown man to explain his One Direction tattoo, wouldn't it?

Wait until you see who DID end up with the tattoo...

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