One Direction Fans Wish Harry Styles Happy 18th Birthday

1 February 2012, 09:33

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer is celebrating hitting the milestone year today.

One Direction star Harry Styles has been receiving an influx of happy birthday messages from his fans after the star has turned 18 today (1st February).

The 'One Thing' star, who is celebrating the milestone on Los Angeles with his boy band group, is the youngest member of the band and Twitter followers haven been offering there well wishes all morning.

Twitter user @camilliams wrote: "Happy Birthday from brazil, hope u have a great day."

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Harold, happy birthday to you. :-)," tweeted @StylesAddicts.

Another user @ItsChristineeLo, posted the message: "Happy Birthday Hazza!!!  awww! you're growing up soo fast! ;''')) don't worry you'll stay Forever Young to us, Directioners! =)."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So much much much much muuuuucch love for you, cause you've got that one thing," wrote user @kidkungkinant

Meanwhile, One Direction have been in the US shooting their appearance on the Nickeldoeon teen sitcom iCarly earlier this week.

Harry also recently revealed that his admirer and Arnold Schwarzenegger daughter Katherine had been watching the band in the studio.