Harry Styles' Credit Card Declined After Trying To Buy One Direction's New Album

14 November 2012, 11:18 | Updated: 14 November 2012, 11:21

The 'One Thing' star admits he was left amused by the incident as he looked to download a copy of 'Take Me Home'.

One Direction singer Harry Styles has confessed that he was told that his credit card had been declined when he tried to download a copy of the band's new album 'Take Me Home' yesterday (13th November).

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer took to his Twitter account to recall the embarrassing incident to his fans and admitted he was left smiling by the irony of the situation.

He tweeted: "Soooo... I went to download our album this morning. And my card got declined. Hahaha!!"

The group's second album hit stores on Monday (12th November) and the band were out in New York for a performance on the Today Show as well yesterday.

The five-piece were greeted by a record-breaking 15,000 fans at the Rockefeller Plaza as they performed some of their biggest hits for the crowds in attendance.

You can check out a picture of Harry performing with One Direction on the Today show below: 

The band also announced plans to release their first ever 3D concert movie next year, which will be directed by Super Size Me star Morgan Spurlock.

One Direction will be back in the US in 2013 as well for their new world tour - which kicks off in the UK in February.