Girl Meets Louis Tomlinson, Asks Him To Draw A Hedgehog For New Tattoo, Get's Nothing Like It

24 January 2017, 08:13 | Updated: 24 January 2017, 08:21

Louis Tomlinson Meets Fan

Picture the scene, you're walking down the street in NYC and your idol comes walking towards you, what d'ya do?

Ask him to draw a hedgehog, obvs! 

That's exactly what happened to Ivanna Portilla anyway. She met Louis yesterday and asked him to draw a hedgehog as best as he could for a tattoo...kinda cute right?

Only thing is, Louis said he can't. So what did he do instead? Write the word 'Home,' THREE TIMES.

What does this mean? Why did he choose the word 'Home?' 

Well no one really knows atm, Ivanna's not given any context, however that's not stopped fans analysing the hell outta it. 

For instance, just *look* at that second 'home.'  

And someone couldn't help noticing Louis' in-ear monitors dangling on his chest.

Plus a Larry supporter spotted a link between the word 'home' and Harry...

We've contact Ivanna to try and get some answers but either way, congrats to her for meeting Louis <3

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