WATCH: Louis Tomlinson Made A 14Yr Old Homeless Girl Bawl Her Eyes Out On AGT Last Night

Louis Tomlinson AGT

Last night Louis Tomlinson was a guest judge on an episode of America's Got Talent in which he revealed his most beautiful talent.


He also gushed to Mel B about how much he's loving the dad-life atm. 


And he talked about how sore his nips were after watching a bloke hang things from his. 


But most importantly, he met 14 year old Jayna Brown, a singer who is currently homeless with her mum. As you can expect she was nervous AF. 


Let's just say Jayna left Louis pretty damn impressed. 


Watch the moment Louis hit his 'Golden Buzzer' for Jayna, but don't say we didn't warn you okay? :'(


And just for good measure - here's Louis farting with his armpit one more time. 


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