One Direction Invented Their Own Pre-Show Drink & It's Honestly Horrific

24 September 2019, 11:59

One Direction invented their own pre-show drink and it sounds disgusting
One Direction invented their own pre-show drink and it sounds disgusting. Picture: Getty Images

Liam Payne's revealed the seriously disgusting drink the One Direction boys invented for before they went on stage!

Turns out, the One Direction boys liked a drink before they went out to perform to thousands of people, in fact, they invented their very own alcoholic mix- and we don't recommend you try it at home, because it is STRONG!

Liam Payne Explains Why It's Fine For One Direction Not To Talk All The Time

A Twitter fan account, @KingLWTPromo, reports Liam Payne revealed in a recent interview that him and bandmates Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall invented something they call the 'QuaddyVoddyRedbull', which, as the name suggests, was a quadruple measurement of vodka (gag), mixed with 'whatever version of Redbull you could find'.

Fans know all about the boys hilarious antics on stage, and have taken to Twitter after Liam's revelation to say it 'all makes sense now', as the boys would often play and joke about with each other during their performances.

Whilst promoting his latest single, 'Stack It Up', The 26-year-old has also opened up about his friendship with Louis Tomlinson, telling Roman, Vick and Sonny that he relies on his friendship in tough times, and vice versa.

He also explained to WIRED that he doesn't speak to his former bandmates everyday, which is fine, because like in any job, when you move on in life you inevitably speak less.

He told them: "Now we don't have that job together any longer there's not really any real reason for us to talk...which is fine."

"It's not that I don't get along with anyone, but you're not going to be best friends with everyone, that's just not how life works."

So, we love that the boys are all working on their solo music, but we do have to wonder if they stick to the same pre-show rituals as when they were in the band? Somehow, we don't think they're knocking back quadruple measures on their own!

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