Tyler Posey’s Snapchat Name Reveals Which 1D Star His BFF Dylan O’Brien Is OBSESSED With!

22 April 2016, 12:52 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 13:19

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The Teen Wolf pair are apparently HUGE Directioners - especially of one member in particular.

OK we would NOT have pegged TV’s greatest ever bromance - Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf - as being secret One Direction fans, but it’s become apparent they LOVE bit of the UK boy band! And more than that… Tyler’s newly revealed SnapChat name gives away which member is the pair’s FAVE!

Tyler Posey Gives A HEART-BREAKING Update On Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner Accident! #Bromance

Yes, Tyler tweeted out to share his SnapChat username this week before being quizzed by a fan on the meaning behind his screen moniker “tpose-styles”.

“I first made it years ago only for my homie Dylan and he really liked Harry Styles at the time so, boom,” Tyler revealed!

We’re not sure what’s more adorable, the fact that Tyler and Dylan had a special bromance SnapChat account just to send each other pics OR… that Dylan had a fave 1D member at all!

Tyler Posey’s SnapChat Username: tpose-styles

Dylan O’Brien is currently recovering from a serious accident that occurred during filming for The Mazer Runner: The Death Cure last month, which has caused production on the movie to halt until the actor is ready to begin filming again.

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