This Fan Got To FaceTime With Harry Styles For 35 Minutes & He Revealed Who He Felt Closest To In 1D

12 April 2016, 11:32 | Updated: 12 April 2016, 11:38

Harry Styles FaceTime

Meet Andrea who submitted a request to meet Hazza through the Make A Wish Foundation



To cut a long story short, she had her wish granted and just a few days ago she got to FaceTime *actual* Harry Styles and of course it was on a MASSIVE BLOODY SCREEN.


Basically, Andrea had the best time ever 


Of course Harold pulled out some of his absolute killer one liners...


Andrea learnt all the important things like what his fav film was


And she showed him her phone background, a picture that was leaked through Anne's iCloud


Harry also revealed who he felt most pally with in the group atm


Plus Andrea got him to wish her mate Victoria a Happy Birthday - BFF or what?!


What d'ya make to all that then? We're guessing he didn't FaceTime with her own personal phone because we'd be saving that number like nobody's bloody business. 


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