Olly Murs Opens Up On Twin Brother Feud: "I Just Hope He's Happy"

14 April 2013, 09:03 | Updated: 14 April 2013, 09:08

The 'Busy' singer says the two haven't spoken in almost four years now after a fallout in 2009.

Olly Murs has opened up on the rift between him and his twin brother and says he believes it could have been easily avoided.

The 'Troublemaker' singer and brother Ben haven't spoken in years, ever since Olly opted to go to rehearsals for The X Factor UK semi-finals over attending his brother's wedding back in 2009.

Olly, who finished runner-up on the show and has gone on to have a successful career, says he now believes he could have missed the day of rehearsals without affecting his chances of doing well.

"I wouldn't have been eliminated from the show by going to it," Olly revealed to The Sun this week. "But I would have missed a full day of rehearsals.

"It was the semi-finals, it was a shame but you have to move forward," the UK pop singer explained.

The 'Troublemaker' star revealed that he and brother Ben still haven't spoken since the wedding took place.

"We haven't spoken in three or four years," Olly continued. "I hope he's happy whatever he's doing.

"It was just a falling out over the wedding day, I just really feel for my parents, that's the real feud."

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' singer went on to say he is glad the two aren't identical twins as he feels that could have made the situation even more difficult.

"If we looked the same it could be the hardest thing in the world," he added. "I'm glad we don't look alike for both our sakes."

Check out a picture of Olly meeting some of his fans outside the Logie Awards 2013 in Australia this month below (Credit: Getty):

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