Olly Murs Would Love To Front A TGI Friday Style TV Show - Video

29 November 2012, 07:42

The 'Troublemaker' singer says music is his main focus but he is interested in doing more TV presenting.

Olly Murs says he would love to do more TV presenting work in the future and admits he would see himself fronting a show like TFI Friday or Saturday Night Takeaway if given the opportunity.

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' singer says he doesn't see himself presenting a serious chat show but would love to do something more "funny", although he sees music as his main focus for the moment.

"I don't think I'm a serious presenter in that sense," Olly revealed to Capital FM, when asked about fronting his own chat show. "Obviously a lot of people work years to do this job and there are some really good people who would be great at that.

"I think I'm more of a funny, I think I'd [like to] have more of a banter with someone else," Olly explained. "I think like TFI Friday or a Saturday Night Takeaway like Ant and Dec do would be good for me. I think stuff like that.

"TV shows is something that I'd love to do in the future, but at the moment I'm just pleased with what I'm doing and what I'm up to, music wise and career wise," the 'Oh My Goodness' singer added. "I want to be as big as I can potentially be in music, and I think the great thing with me is I've always got TV to fall back on if I ever have the need."

View a picture of Olly Murs performing at London's G-A-Y London venue earlier this month below (Credit: PA):

The Xtra Factor presenter is currently at number one on the Vodafone Big Top 40 with his latest single 'Troublemaker', which is enjoying its second week at the top of the chart.

Olly Murs launched his third album 'Right Place Right Time' this week.

Watch Olly Murs talking to Capital about his television presenting career below: