One Direction's Liam Payne Teases New Hair Style: "I Might Go For Big Hair!"

4 April 2013, 14:11

The 'Little Things' singer also jokes that he might grow a beard as part of his new look.

One Direction star Liam Payne has joked that he is planning to grow his hair out and adopt a "Jesus beard" for his next new look.

The 'Kiss You' singer shocked fans last summer when he shaved his hair off to adopt a skinhead look, but says he is now growing his hair to try out something new.

"I haven't really decided," Liam teased to Top Of The Pops magazine, when asked what his next style will be. "I think I might go for a big hair and a Jesus beard."

Fellow band member Harry Styles also spoke about his own famous curly barnet, and claims his locks are now even curlier than when he was younger.

"It comes in and out in phases," Harry explained. "when I was really little, I had curly hair, then it went straight, then it started getting curly again.

"And now sometimes it's really curly and sometimes it's not," he added.

Earlier this week director Morgan Spurlock opened up about plans for the band's 3D concert movie, promising fans plenty of shirtless scenes as well as some "lovely emotional moments".

Check out a picture of Liam Payne out with his girlfriend in London this week below:

One Direction's 3D concert trailer for This Is Us was recreated scenes by scenes by sock puppets this week, and will see official release in August.