Nicole Scherzinger "Nuts" Says Simon Cowell

'Wet' singer Nicole Scherzinger is labelled "fantastically self-centred" by her fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

Hours before the release of The X Factor US premiere in Los Angeles, Simon Cowell couldn't help but share his thoughts on fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger.

On the Tonight with Jay Leno Show Simon joked about Nic being "fantastically self–centred" and "nuts".

"Every city she went to, she developed a different accent" Simon revealed, commenting on her behaviour during auditions.

Previously Simon has called Nicole "selfish" and "ruthless" but meant it as a compliment in how career-driven she is.

"I think you've proven there's nothing wrong with being selfish," Simon told Nic at The X Factor launch.

"You are somebody I've admired, who has ruthlessly succeeded in their career even when you left the Pussycat girls behind.

"And there's nothing wrong with that because it's about ambition."

The X Factor's first US episode aired on Wednesday 21st September in America and will be on TV in the UK on Thursday 22nd September, while Nicole's latest single ‘Wet’ is available to buy and download now.