Nicki Minaj Talks Following Her Dream – And How She Wasn’t Made To Be A Waitress…

18 December 2014, 12:24

Nicki Minaj has brought us some of the year’s biggest tunes – ‘Anaconda’ anyone? – but she had some pretty normal jobs before she hit the big time…

Can you imagine Nicki Minaj as a waitress in a lobster restaurant? No, us neither, but before she became famous that is what she used to do!

Nicki opened up to Jimmy Fallon about the random jobs she did before she hit the big time and how they pushed her to chase her dreams, as he quizzed her on her film role in The Other Woman where she plays an assistant with a bad attitude.

She explained that the character was similar to her when she had other jobs, “I was an office manager and I would kind of call out any time I wanted. And when I was a waitress I was really, really… to the customers. I waited everywhere in New York, I probably waited on people in this audience as a matter of fact! If you ever ate at Red Lobster I probably took your order!”

“That’s what made me want to hurry up and follow my dream because I was like ‘Oh my God, this is not for me! I’ve got to hurry up and get out of here before it’s too late!’ Seriously!”

Well, we and a few million #Barbz are definitely glad you followed that dream, Nicki!  

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