Nicki Minaj Defends Controversial Grammys 2012 Performance

14 February 2012, 07:24 | Updated: 14 February 2012, 07:41

The 'Fly' singer says she had never felt more comfortable on stage in her life.

Nicki Minaj has claimed that she has never felt more comfortable on stage then when she did this Sunday (12th February) at the Grammy Awards 2012.

The 'Super Bass' star came under fire for her controversial and much talked about performance which featured an exorcism.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest she said: "It's the most comfortable I have been on stage in my entire life, because, first of all, the Grammys chose 'Roman Holiday', and I could not play them another record after they heard that."

The star used her alter-ego Roman Zolanski in the show and during a pre-recorded clip that was shown to the audience on the night and spoke about the idea behind the whole production.

"I had this vision for Roman. I had this vision for him to be sort of exorcised. People around him tell him that he's not good enough because he's not normal. So his mother is scared and the people around him are afraid.

"He wanted to show that not only is he amazing, but he's never going to be exorcised, even when they throw holy water on him, he still rises above."

Nicki also went on to add that the show felt somewhat like a "coming-out party" and confessed that it could have seemed a little strange unless you were familiar with her character.

"Yesterday was just a coming-out party. It was very literal and streamlined if you know who Roman is and if you know what he's all about; if you don't know the Roman character then you have to digest it," she added.

Even her arrival to the event was rife in religious connotations as she came with a man dressed as the Pope and wore a red nun-like robe.

"I wasn't going to do the red carpet, so you know I was backstage prepared ... my people wanted me to do it. I had this amazing robe made for me by Versace sent from Milan and I said, 'I have to wear this.' They were so generous, and I was going to originally wear it in the performance, but then when I got it, it was a little heavy for the performance."

The star failed to win any of the three awards she was up for on the night and her new album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' will be released on 3rd April after delaying it's original February release date.